RungChaRoen Mini Thai Chilli Paste

Mini Thai Chilli Paste Nam Prik RungChaRoen. Most popular in Travel and Backpacker

  1. Mini Size *For one meal per piece.
  2. Delicious Suitable for people are interested tasting.

This is light weight and easy to take away to add more spicy in your meal. Quality certified food safety GMP & HACCP HALAL

Chilli paste eat with a steamed rice or sticky rice and fresh vegetables or boiled vegetables and egg. Indications High Nutritions low fat , Its Unique and value of traditional recipe

Nam Prik PlaDukFu – RungChaRoen (12 g.)

Namprik mini KungSaWan – RungChaRoen (12g.)

PraraSongKeng Paste – RungChaRoen (20g

Namprikpao Paste – RungChaRoen (20g

Paste Tadang – RungChaRoen (20g)

Paste Prayang – RungChaRoen (20g)

Paste Narok – RungChaRoen (12g)

Paste Narok Maeng Da – RungChaRoen (12g)

All RungChaRoen Mini Thai Chilli Paste

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