Nestlé Fitnesse breakfast cereal

Nestlé Fitnesse Shape up your lifestyle today with Nestlé Fitnesse cereal. Nestlé Fitnesse not only does Nestlé Fitnesse taste great, it’s also low in fat making it the irresistible whole wheat breakfast cereal that’s loaded with vitamins and minerals such as Iron and Folic Acid.
Suggestion :
You can add more some fruits that you like for more nutrition.Instruction :
– Just pour Kellogg’s and milk into the bowl then you can eat it.
– Store in a dry place, avoid heat and sunlight.
– After use, should close the product tightly.

Crispy Whole Wheat Flakes Breakfast Cereal with Blend of Fruits – Nestlé Fitnesse (240g)
Nestlé Fitnesse & Fruit breakfast cereal helps you shape up your lifestyle. NESTLÉ® FITNESSE™ & Fruit, the low fat cereal, is made with whole grain wheat.

Crispy Whole Wheat Flake Covered in Honey with Toasted Almond – Nestlé Fitnesse (225g)
Nestlé Clusters Almond. Crunchy nut Nestlé Clusters with walnuts and pecans with just a touch of golden honey all makes for one tempting taste.

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