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Milk Rice Germ Soap – Ing On (160g)

Under the care of research and development team, DFT strives to materialize the ideal of balance and nature that we, Thai people, have been inheriting, living with, and proud of in the form of products from nature and present it to the world to witness the power of Nature, the power of Herb. The main ingredients in products are various kind of herb that are grown, cared, and processed with cleanliness and high technology equipment to ensure the best quality of products. With tremendous effort of research and development, we are able to introduce herbal products in the form of soap bar, cream/lotion, and powder.

Ing On Milk Rice soap

Milk Rice Germ Soap – Ing On (160g)

Ing On Milk Rice is not only a well known antioxidant agent but it is also natural exfoliator that helps scrub away dead skin cells to increase smoothness of your skin. Revealing younger and healthier skin.
All Bar Soap / Vitamin Soap / Herbal Soap

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