Instant Noodles Easy Thai dishes

This item is popular for food lovers like us of international famous brand and delicious flavor. Instant Noodles Easy Thai dishes; they are available at just about every corner shop in Thailand. Popular Brand Mama , Yum yum , Wai Wai and Nissin. Easy to take , easy to make. Can’t miss taste for Thai food lovers. You may not find some of this item at your local store due to its limited flavor only from Thailand.

Instant Noodle Nantok Flavour - Yum Yum (55g)

 Instant Noodles Pad Char Baby Clam Flavour - Wai Wai (60g)

 Instant Noodles Shrimp Tom Yum Flavor - MaMa

Instant Noodles Oriental Style Pork Flavour - Wai Wai (55g)

 Thai goods are sold online cheaply. For a fast-pace lifestyle with popular Thai instant foods that retain all the flavors.
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