HOTTA Ginger Drink

HOTTA Ginger drink accepted from consumer to be number one best seller ginger drink in Thailand. That is to say HOTTA selects only the best naturally fresh gingers at the age of 11-12 months. At this age, our gingers contain the maximum level of “gingerol” and “Zingerol” which are the 2 essential sources of ginger aromatic taste and natural benefit. HOTTA use the best quality of ginger to made instant ginger drink with high standard production process including we choose the best packaging to keep all ginger benefit into your glass.


HOTTA Ginger drink

All HOTTA Ginger Instant

HOTTA Ginger Instant. Suitable for healthy people, and diabetes. No Preservative, Artificial color and flavor added. Vitamins B1, B2, B6 high. By Ginger essential oils and contain Gingerol Shogaol to sweat and stay warm. It also helps to relieve fever and chills, if you have time to sip a cup of hot ginger also helps the body to warm up much. It also helps to reduce coughing and throat irritation of the mucus as well.

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