Diabetic Organic Herbal – Narah

NARAH is grown organically, 100% Organic and is gene controlled
to make sure for the best gene and for highest nutrients to be sure with chemical free. All qualities control makes NARAH as the Sugar Killer with 100% result satisfaction.

Diabetic Organic Herbal Tea – Narah (60g)

Diabetic Organic 120 Capsule – Narah (60g)

Due to keeping high quality and nutrition of our main nutrient ingredients

There are lots of our customers are taking Narah which their symptom are getting better eventually. Less or more result depends on the person health conditions and the discipline of taking Narah Organic Herb continuously. Some has been suffered with Diabetes for years and years. Some has taken all any possible ways to get rid off of Diabetes symptoms. Some has lost their hopes even thought this is all a life time.

Due to keeping high quality and nutrition of our main nutrient ingredients, we keep our raw materials from weed. We are expertise in Weed Protection System to get weed rid off our main nutrient ingredients. We are concerned the best quality to our beloved customer for 100% satisfaction.


We are specialist in Organic Herb for Diabetes to control Sugar Level, to cure High Blood Pressure, to reduce High Cholesterol, including to Heart Attack without any side affect to Liver and Kidney.

Diabetic Organic Herbal – Narah

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