2in1 Tom Ka Paste with Creamed CoconutRecipe Lobo Club EN 

Chicken Tom Ka By Lobo 2in1

– 300g chicken
– 200g straw or white mushrooms
– 2 cups water
– chopped culantro
– dried chillies (optional)
– 1 packet Lobo 2in1 Tom Ka Paste with Creamed Coconut

Concentrated with pure coconut flavor hundred percent authentic Tom Kha spicy and mellow immediately to your home with Lobo 2 In1 Tom Ka Paste With Creamed Coconut. A component of salt, chili, lemon grass, galangal, coconut milk, no added colors and no preservatives.

2in1 Tom Ka Paste with Creamed Coconut – Lobo (100g)


Lobo: Globo Foods started to produce and market the first of Thai Instant Seasoning.
All Instant Seasoning / Curry : Lobo Brand

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