ChaoSua Rice Crackers

ChaoSua a Delicious Thai Jasmine Rice Crackers, no trans fat, the Perfect Complement to and Lifestyle. Premium jasmine rice and pork floss and seasoning.

ChaoSua Rice Crackers
ChaoSua Rice Crackers

Rice Cracker Pork Floss Seaweed – ChaoSua (100g)

Rice Cracker with Spicy Pork Floss – ChaoSua (100g)

Rice Cracker with Chicken Floss – Chao Sua (100g)

Rice Cracker with Roasted Squid – Chao Sua (100g)

Rice Cracker Pork Floss Tom Yum – Chao Sua (100g)

Rice Cracker with Pork Floss – ChaoSua (110g)

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