Bangkok Transport, the popularity of travelers

Bangkok Transport, the popularity of travelers Bangkok streets have the problem of traffic jam. Therefore, we would like to recommend a convenient travel on the middle of river, that is, Chao Phraya Express Boat. There are many foreign travelers, especially Europe people, who like to travel with this trail due to it is economical with its cheap fare at 15-200 baht (Thai currency), convenient and fast. Moreover, you can also take photos of view along two sides of rivers. Most of all, it will provide travelers real atmosphere of travel.

Taxi is therefore a great option for tourist since they can just easily show the driver the map of where they wish to go. However, some drivers may not recognize the destination the tourist wishes to visit and the tourist will end up hailing for the next cab. Thai taxi has many colors with the same price. If the license plate is yellow (which most of them are), the starting rate is 35 Baht and the following minutes are calculated by the kilometer driven (very cheap). is a website which assembles all the hotels in the world to vote for the best taxi of the world in a tourist city. It turned out that London was ranked number one and Tax.

Including Tuk-Tuk of Bangkok, was listed in the top six. The price of Tuk-tuk or three-wheel automobile must be negotiated between driver and passenger since there is no automatic price. However, the atmosphere while riding the Tuk-tuk is amazing.

Bangkok train station, or more commonly known as Hua-lumpong train station, is the main train station of Thailand. It is also an old sight but still in operation with approximately 200 train rides per day which carry thousands of passengers through almost every city in Thailand with many travelling programs being offered.

Employed motorcyclist

Employed motorcyclist is an occupation where riders pick up passengers using motorcycle as a mode of transportation. The gathering of people under this occupation is called “motorcycle riders.” The duty of their job mostly requires picking up and sending off passengers from an origin to a destination of near distance or in traffic jam zone. Travelling fee is negotiated according to the distance travelled.

“BTS” Operates Bangkok’s skytrain – a rail based mass transit system.

“MRT” Blue Line – Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company

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