Abhaibhubejhr Bar Soap / Natural and Vitamin Soap

Milk & Honey Soap – Abhaibhubejhr (100 g)

Galanga Soap – Abhaibhubejhr (100 g)

Butterfly Pea Clear Soap – Abhaibhubejhr (100g)

Cucumber Clear Soap – Abhaibhubejhr (100g)

Guava Leaves Soap – Abhaibhubejhr (100g)

Turmeric Clear Soap Bar with Vitamin E – Abhaibhubejhr (100g)

Mangosteen Peel Soap Bar – Abhaibhubejhr (100g)

Indian Mulberry Soap Bar – Abhaibhubejhr (100g)

Turmeric Soap Bar – Abhaibhubejhr (100g)

Rice Bran Soap Bar – Abhaibhubejhr (100g)

Soap is the soap for perfect skin. Premium Quality Herbal Products. Guaranteed by Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital Foundation. Traditional Remedies Combined with state of the art production.

All Abhaibhubejhr Bar Soap :

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